Maurice by EM Forster


He would not deceive himself so much. He would not – and this was the test – pretend to care about women when the only sex that attracted him was his own. He loved men and always had loved them. He longed to embrace them and mingle his being with theirs. (pg 51) 

Another recommendation! I tend to read at a pretty quick pace so I’m constantly pestering my friends for suggestions on what to read next. I haven’t read a lot of Forster (only A Room With a View) so I was happy to give him another go.

Maurice was published posthumously in 1971, nearly 60 years after it was written. This is perhaps unsurprising when you find out this was Forster’s ode to homosexual love. Forster explains in his afterword that “A happy ending was imperative. I shouldn’t have bothered to write otherwise. I was determined that in fiction anyway two men should fall in love and remain in it for the ever and ever that fiction allows.” A gay love story with a happy ending – delightfully ahead of its time. It was also a Hugh Grant movie if thats your thing.

Although its ahead of its time in its sexual politics it can be a bit conservative in its social politics. Maurice is a snob. A dull, misogynistic snob. So the worst kind of snob really. It was hard to care about characters who didn’t seem to care about anyone else. I know you don’t have to like the characters to enjoy the novel but if you’re not rooting for the romance what’s the point?

I’ll try Forster again. A Passage to India probably. But he’s not my fav really.

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